Living Design


The way I make things is also the way I live. Sustainability is a very big part of my everyday life and I always try to have the best for our planet in mind whatever I do. I mainly work in the costume industry, which is very fast-paced and stressful, so I like to wind down working on my own little projects to get my head off the crazy performance industry. Living in London is very hard for me as I feel so connected to nature, so I try and re-connect with it through the things that I make.

Creating Fairy Tales


With my costumes, I try to express my love for nature and fantasy, taking inspiration from the world around me, from books and films. I always think about how I can work in the most sustainable way, so this gives my work an organic look as I try to work with natural and recycled materials.

Connecting with Nature


Alongside my costume work, I spend my free time making little things from left over fabrics and other materials that I can find. I always like exploring new textures and processes. These I sell on my Etsy shop as gifts and commissions. Have a look around and see if you find anything you like!